One Step At A Time

GR20 – One Step At A Time from hugsforhikers on Vimeo.

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 Being among Europe’s toughest and most challenging long distance hiking trails, the “Grande Randonnée 20″ on Corse crosses the French island’s mountain range from North to South. The path leads over exposed ridgelines and deep valleys, featuring stunning panoramic views and dense magical forests. After having walked the northern part of the trail in 2010, I knew I had to come back and walk the whole distance. Although hiking was my number one priority, as I was obsessed with walking every single step of the 180km path, I still brought my DSLR camera and a small tripod. Whenever the conditions would allow it, I took pictures for this movie. These three weeks, however, had it all: Huts being closed because of potential forest fires and hikers being rescued because of incredibly swollen rivers. Thanks to these droughts, floodings, storms and ice most of the pictures taken for this timelapse movie were near the lodges. So, while successfully solo-hiking the whole trail southbound despite the sometimes nasty weather, I cannot say I succeeded in portraying the trail’s true beauty, unfortunately. You will have to go there and see for your own eventually… Until then, I hope you enjoy this movie.